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Hydrokinetic method for removing polymeric deposits

heat exchanger Cleaning
Heat exchanger cleaning

Теплообменник с углубленной трубной доской
Heat exchanger with a profound trumpet board

Process video

Базирование на теплообменнике
Attached on the heat exchanger

Результат работы метода Гидрокинетической очистки
Results of Hydrokinetic clearing

Гидрокинетический метод удаления полимерных отложений

We always monitor the progress of technologies in our sphere of services and are always ready to give innovative decisions for all the challenges.

For considerable reduction of idle time in pipelines and head exchangers and effective removal of polymeric deposits, MagiCrot offers a unique and highly effective method. This method is based on action of hydroimpulses which effectively releases the deposits attached between on the pipewalls, allowing without crushing the deposits, within a short period of time to be removed them from the pipe entirely or large segments.

The hammered pipe (fig. 1) is filled with water, the deposits are exposed to hydroimpulses (fig. 2), further the exfoliating material is safely utilized (fig. 3).

The following types of the equipment can be cleaned with this method: 

  1. Internal cavities
    • Heat exchangers;
    • Pipelines of transfer lines;
    • Pipes of pyrolysis heater.
  2. Pipes or devices of cooling/heating, etc.


Benefits of hydrokinetic method for removing polymer deposits: 

  • High speed cleaning (reduction of downtime);
  • No use of chemical reagents;
  • Safety (remotely controlled);
  • Clean process (all of the deposits are safely removed);
  • Mobility and compactness (quick scan on a small working area).


  • In chemical and petrochemical plans and gas processing industries;
  • Pulp and paper mills;
  • Steel mills;
  • Municipal and offshore facilities, etc.


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