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Cleaning the coils of line heaters at oil and gas fields

CJSC "MAGICROT" continues to successfully implement projects of line heaters coils cleaning at the sites of oil and gas. These works were carried out in KazMunayGas fields in conditions of limited resources, increased demands for environmental safety and minimal assistance from the Customer. The objects were in the distance of a few kilometers away from each other, and the absence of comprehensive road communication was not the reason for the delay. The reconstruction works of line heaters pipe capacity were made on time by 100% and no complaints from the Customer, with the prospect of long-term cooperation.

Specialists of the company were carried out pigging projects of line heaters coils from oil and inorganic deposits at oil and gas fields in Russia, namely in the areas of Western Siberia.

Line heaters

heater   heater1


Summary Report of MAGICROT’s specialist:

The work was done under field conditions in the absence of a permanent source of water and facilities for household needs.

During hydromechanical cleaning of 11 oil line heaters amount of used water for one heater (ID = 4'', average length of the coil = 350 m) was up to 50 m3 (sea and fresh).

Net cleaning time (between using of test scraper at start and at the end of hydromechanical cleaning) was about 6-7 hours.

Cleaning was carried out during the day time, in one shift.

In the course of the hydromechanical cleaning dynamic handling and hammering were not observed. As a result of inside  surface cleaning, 98-100% of viscous oil deposits and solid salt deposits of iron oxides were removed.

Upon completion of cleaning  test scrapers were run to determine the purity of the inner surface of the tube heater coils. The test results confirmed the complete removal of inorganic sediment to the effect of gray metal tube that is purchased its original capacity. Upon completion of the hydromechanical cleaning coils of heaters are in satisfactory condition. Damage and disturbance of the integrity of the coils are absent.

Object Volume of cleaning works Date Parameters of the coil (diameter, length) Type of defect

Before cleaning

After cleaning

Line heater

1 item
Cleaning of 1 flow of Line heater coils at the radiant and the convective sections 2-3.08.10

Convective section - Ø98 mm

Radiant section - Ø98 mm

Total length - 385 m
Inorganic deposits of salts and iron oxides, the thickness of sediments 7-8 mm on the inner surface of tubes

А) Pressure - 22 kg/cm2

B) Flow rate - 1892,6 l/min

А) Pressure - 19 kg/cm2

B) Flow rate - 2460,4 l/min

Line heaters

Before cleaning                                            After cleaning

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