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On-Line cleaning of fireside surfaces of Furnace Convection Section is the REALITY!!


MAGICROT realized the unique project of fireside surfaces cleaning of furnace convection section on pyrolysis unit on Russian ethylene production.


The problem specified by the Customer was unsatisfactory furnace operation connected with the lack of draft (with exhauster-fan running under maximum loading), the flue gas temperature at the outlet of the furnace convection section above recommended. This information related with the reduction of heat transfer was confirmed by visual inspection of the tubes finning which were completely covered with deposits. The deposits composition analysis revealed the presence: unburnt carbon (15%) and inorganic compounds (85%) represented with corrosion products of pyrolysis coils.

Specialists of the company has developed two-stage operation:

Stage 1 - Deposits treatment with reagent solution in the atomized state injected inside the radiant section and in the flue gas, which contacts with the deposits on tubes of convection section. The injection- treating works were carried out in an operating furnace for 5 days. This reagent produces nitrogen oxides (NOx) by the thermal decomposition which ensure effective no-fire oxidation of carbon in deposits. REAGENT oxidizes a carbon in the deposits, which contain the remains of incompletely burned fuel. This caused a decrease in the adhesive force of deposits to pipes surface and allows deposits to be removed by compressed air (in this work specialists of the company carried out compressed air blowing of processing deposits through successive openable windows of convection section).

On-Line cleaning of Furnace Convection Section

The result of the performed work on the three furnaces was:

yes flue gas temperature at the furnace was reduced by 11-20 ° C;

yes flue gas temperature in the area of steam injection was reduced by 10-27 ° C;

yes furnace draft  was increased with its transfer to the zone vacuum by 2.2 mm w.g. (from +1,7 to -0,5 mm H2O);

yes fuel gas consumption was reduced by 1.9-3.9% (in terms of the furnace loading by feed and observance regulatory relationship the feed to the steam (100%: 40%);

yes at another furnace was observed the effect of increasing the specific productivity of the furnace (the ratio of feed loading to the amount of consumed fuel gas) by 4%.

This provides a more complete combustion of the fuel level at smaller O2 in the convection chamber - 2% compared to parameters before cleaning - 10%

On-Line cleaning of fireside surfaces of Furnace Convection Section

Processing of Stage 1, except achieved operational parameters, led to the creation highly developed and disintegrated contact surface of deposits, and its transition to the 2nd stage.

The second stage is cleaning of stopped equipment  by chemical dissolution method of corrosion products of pyrolysis coils (up to 85% vol.) - washing by reagent prepared by specialists of "MAGICROT" based on analysis of deposits composition.

Our proposed composition which contains a citric acid, is an effective multi-component system, including in low concentrations:

- complexon,

- mineral acid

- corrosion inhibitor

and has a greater dissolving capacity than the individual citric acid solution, that was confirmed by our laboratory tests.

The results of reagent cleaning of convection tubes fireside surfaces (with imperative mandatory measures for water intrusion protection of lining) was:

yes even greater draft to the scheduled value - 5 mm H2O;

yes flue gas temperature at the wall of the saddle was reduced by at about 116 ° C (from 1291 ° C to 1175 ° C);

yes furnace productivity increased by 11% to 16.86 t / h;

yesspecific capacity of the furnace (ratio of the amount of feed to consumed fuel gas) increased by 10% to 5.93.

On-Line cleaning of furnace convection section

After performing on-line cleaning of the convection fireside surfaces with company  "MAGIKROT" was signed a contract until the end of 2012 to the cleaning of 4 pyrolysis furnaces.

By this work MAGICROT has implemented the start new service areas:

"ONLINE CLEANING OF FURNACE FIRESIDE SURFACES AND WASTE HEAT BOILERS" - see individual page of service areas on the site of MAGICROT and in the news for the work done.


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