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Infrared Thermography is the technique for producing images of invisible (to our eyes) by infrared light emitted by objects based on their thermal condition.

Термография труб контрастный снимок Термография цветотепловой контраст

Advantages of MagiCrot Thermography:

  • Accuracy of measurements
  • Inspection in hard-to-get-to areas where other methods are not effective
  • Inspection is made on the working equipment without its shutdown
  • The time required for the inspection of one object doesn’t exceed 24 hours
  • Quick preparation of reports (field report is prepared immediately after the inspection works).

The most typical type of thermography camera or thermograph resembles a typical camcorder and produces a live TV picture of heat radiation.

An image produced by an infrared camera is called a thermogram or sometimes a thermograph. A thermography camera detects radiation in the infrared range of electromagnetic spectrum (around 900-14000 nm or 0,9-14 μm) and produces an image that shows overheated and overcooled areas. As infrared radiation is emitted by all the objects having temperature, thermography let us “see” these objects with and without visible light. The higher the temperature of an object, the more the infrared energy is emitted, and thermography shows the differences in temperature.

Thermal images show overheated and overcooled parts of equipment as well as heat leakage areas and thus prevent the emergency shutdown.

MagiCrot’s Infrared thermography helps to detect:

  • Coke deposits in tubes (tube blockage);
  • Failure of lining of fired heaters, tubes and other types of equipment;
  • Potentially dangerous areas (cracks, deviation of hardness value, thinning in radiant section of fired heater tubes).


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