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Inspection of tube coiled heaters

Inspection of tube coiled heaters

The technology of automatic diagnosis allows us to isolate and measure damage of coils.

Obtained data can be used to determine the residual life and calculate the level of risk in the operation of heaters.

This technology is successfully applied by the world oil companies to increase the efficiency of fired heaters, increase the overhaul life and optimize the cost of repairs.

The inspection methods applied by MAGICROT makes it possible to uncover, isolate and estimate such coil tube defects as:

Decrease in tube wall thickness:

  • Corrosion (internal and external)
  • Erosion (internal and external)

Geometrical deformation:

  • Bulging (induced by flame)
  • Ovality
  Inspection of tube coiled heaters    

The inspection unit

Inspection is carried out by special trainless Inspection System, used in a range of diameters of coils or piping from 102 to 350 mm.

Trainless Inspection System can inspect up to 10 coil flows of tube furnaces including radiant and convective sections during one operating day (12 hours).

After removing of the Inspection System from the examined object/flow, the customer receives the preliminary data of the condition. These data will allow the customer to make quick decisions in case of a broken or defect.

Inspection application areas

Fired heaters:

  • Radiant and Convection Sections (including finned tubes);
  • U-Bends & Return Bends
  • Applicable for inspection of tubes with the diameter range from 3.5” up to 8”

Transfer lines:

  • Submerged or above grade
  • With external insulation/closed
  • (asbestos);
  • Inter Facility – Pipe Racks etc.
Inspection of tube coiled heaters
Inspection of tube coiled heaters



  • No need for the construction of scaffold and technological platforms.
  • Reducing downtime compared to traditional control methods.
  • A large number of measurements (3000 measurements to 300 mm of pipe).
  • Inspects 100% coverage of axial length in convection coils and radiant coils.
  • Possibility  to pass and inspect "elbow fittings" and "bends."

New possibilities for Inspection:

Inspection of tube furnaces with return bends:

Specialists of "MAGICROT" can inspect process furnaces coils with return bends, subject to the replacement of the old to the new return bends.


The technological department of "CTK-EURO" deal with supply and installation of new elements.


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