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Laser inspection technology

Laser Inspection technology offered by MAGICROT allows the detection of the defects on the inner surfaces of delayed coked drums, heat exchangers and steam reformer tubes.

Laser Inspection of delayed coke drums

Laser Inspection of delayed coke drums was applied as a non-destructive testing method for the first time in 1993. At that time the inspection procedure required 6 hours. Today 3-4 hours are enough for inspection of one object.

Compact and easy to transport unit

The equipment can be inserted either from the top or
the bottom of the drum

Advantages of the delayed coke drums laser inspection:

  • High accuracy of results
  • No need in shutdown of the reactor or DCU, the inspection can be done in the period between the three hour cycles.
  • The results are issued immediately after the inspection.
  • The inspection time doesn’t exceed 4 hours.

Laser Inspection allows the detection of:

  • Geometrical deformation (ovality, bulging, concavity)
  • Areas of increased stress
  • Cracks.

Laser Inspection of steam reformer tubes

Nowadays Laser Inspection (Laser Optic Tube Inspection System) is considered the most advanced and reliable NDT method used for inspection of steam reformer tubes.

Laser Inspection can be utilized both for in-service inspection of tubes and inspection of tubes before their installation into the reformer.

Laser Inspection advantages over traditional methods of tubes inspection:

  • Methods of external tube inspection with inspection crawlers often give inaccurate results due to surface wraps and rough edges and they can’t inspect the whole tube surface.
  • Laser Inspection technology allows to inspect bend tubes and tubes with fireproof casing.

Timely application of Laser Inspection method will allow to maximize the accident-free operation time of the plant and therefore to reduce the losses due to equipment repairing and shutdown.


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