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«Nijnekamckneftehim» has applied a hydromechanical method of cleaning of coils of furnaces of pyrolysis

10.06.2011 01:23

In cooperation with Joint-Stock Company « Магикрот» at factory этилена Open Society « Нижнекамскнефтехим» for the first time in practice of the Russian petrochemical enterprises the technology hydromechanical декоксификации pipes of reactionary coils конвекционных sections пиролизных furnaces of poses has been applied. Е-ВА-103, 104, 108, 109. As the world practice shows, the given technology differs high efficiency and profitability, informs

The new hydromechanical method of cleaning of adjournment which have accumulated for all time of operation of furnaces, since the moment of their start, has allowed more than in 2 times to reduce work time, and also aloud to save power resources. Also it is noticed that the applied way of cleaning allows to exclude completely possibility of mechanical damage of pipes, and also has given possibility to carry out necessary diagnostics by means of an ultrasonic probe.

As a result of realization of the specified operation overall performance of furnaces of pyrolysis that is caused by increase of their productivity on raw materials and on diluting steam, and also conducting process of heating of raw materials and парогазовой mixes under condition of observance of optimum temperatures and pressure has raised. Also it is possible to note increase in an exit of target products of manufacture, that is этилена and propylene.

Till the end of this summer « Нижнекамскнефтехим» plans to spend at the factory hydromechanical декоксикацию three more furnaces, and also пирогазового a collector.

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