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Hydromechanical Decoking

Your benefits from MAGICROT'S hydro-mechanical decoking

  • Removal of Organic Coke and Inorganic Deposits
  • Complete Decoke of Convection & Radiant Sections
  • No abrasive trenching of tubes or U-Bends
  • Tube and pipeline life extended with no interior damage
  • All Decoking at ambient temperatures
  • Additional maintenance carried out during decoking
  • Oil to Oil time savings
  • All effluent captured for safe disposal.

Hydro-mechanical decoking (pigging) of fired heater tubes, transfer lines, and most pipelines containing hard deposits of Organic Coke and Inorganic such as Iron Sulfate, Sodium and Saltine is widely accepted as the decoking method of choice throughout the world today.

Two basic technologies exist on the market today, Hard Core or Solid Core Technology and Soft Core Technology. Both successfully introduced in the early 1990’s and both are still offered to clients worldwide.

Like all new technologies the “Hard Core” had some serious shortfalls. The Hard Core was not capable of decoking unaltered return bends and actual case studies shows the aggressive nature of these scrapers to damage the interior of the tube wall. “Soft Core” entered the market with a solution for the problems caused by “Hard Core” technology. “Soft Core” solved the problems of decoking return bends and eliminated the risk of internal tube damage

MAGICROT uses only “Soft Core” technology with a difference. The MagiCrot team consists of a group of worldwide pigging specialists, including original start up personnel from the introduction of “Soft Core” Technology in 1993. Additionally, this expertise has significantly upgraded all phases of the Mechanical Decoking Operation to give the client the best technology available. 

Principle of work of hydromechanical clearing

Во весь экран

The work procedure

  • Site arrival of manpower and equipment
  • Site Safety Orientation 
  • Placement of  Equipment  
  • Connection of Equipment to Water, Sewer, Electrical & Heater 
  • Decoking & Changeovers as required
  • Demobilization 
  • Preparation, delivery & discussion of official Job Report

Decoking with MagiCrot means:

  • Cost – Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Time Savings and Minimum Environmental Impact


Manager of department

Rashid Gaziev
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fax: +7(495) 661 11 13 +323
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