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Our method of hydro-jetting is very effective in removing various residues from the surfaces of process equipment by the effect of water jet with high kinetic energy.
As it is known, when the fluid under pressure passes through a small-diameter hole (nozzle) can get a stream of water with a fairly high speed, i.e. with a high index of kinetic energy. The efficiency of the operation of this method is important, not only in the speed at which a jet of water hits the surface to be cleaned, but also its amount, occurring at this time. These parameters, create the momentum with which the stream can affect the surface. Thus, changing the parameters of pressure and flow of water pumped through the nozzle, we can achieve fast and high quality results. This method is successfully implemented with the hydro-jetting unit of our company. 

Our hydro jetting unit is mounted on the base 20 feet container carried on a standard trailer.

The unit includes:

  • high-pressure pump with maximum pressure of 1000 bar and flow up to 200 liters per minute (at maximum pressure);
  • diesel pump with drive power 372 kW;
  • various attachments and accessories for cleaning a wide range of technological equipment (high-pressure hoses, nozzles for cleaning tubes of heat exchangers shell and tube and pipe, as well as for cleaning annulus, cleaners spiral heat exchangers, vessels and equipment column.

The combination of our up-to-date hydro jetting unit, together with our significant experience in working with this method we are offering you the following cleaning services:

Heat exchanger equipment

  • Shell and tube heat exchangers •: U-shaped, with a floating head (as in tube space, and on the shell side);
  • Shell-and-tube heat exchangers with fixed tube sheets (as in tube space, and on the !!shell side!!);

Pipeline Equipment

Tank equipment

  • Column equipment (oil refineries, petrochemical plants, etc.);
  • Soaking cameras (on Visbreakers);
  • Mixers;
  • Reactors (PVC, ABS, polystyrene);
  • Traps and separators (production of polyethylene and polypropylene);
  • Tanks, vessels, w / w tank.

Through our hydro jetting method, we can provide complete removal of various types of pollution (sediment) from the surfaces of various technological equipment.

We can also remove not only common in the refining industry coke deposits, but also stubborn deposits of polymer, such as polyethylene, polystyrene, latex, etc.

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