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Cleaning and Defect Detection of liquid sulfur pipelines

17.05.2013 12:56

From 3 October to 1 November on one of the largest Gas Processing Plants MAGIСROT's specialists carried out unique two-stage work of cleaning and Defect Detection of liquid sulfur pipelines between Claus Unit and Sulfur Granulation Plant (length of liquid sulfur pipelines was 2 500 m).

The result of the first stage of the work - cleaning of liquid sulfur pipelines - is presented in the pictures:

Sulfur Unit liquid sulfur pipelines

The second stage of the work pipeline diagnostics after the first stage of cleaning of pipelines for transportation of liquid sulfur 300/350 - took place in the period from 30.10.12 to 01.11.12.


The inspection was conducted with the diagnostic module, in partnership with a foreign company that has a wealth of experience in this field.

The results of this inspection can detect defects such as cracks and pitting.


After cleaning and during the inspection on a several section of liquid sulfur transportation pipelines was found corrosion of internal surfaces, which reached critical values ​​- 83% (8.3 mm) of wall thickness of liquid sulfur pipeline. Nominal wall thickness of liquid sulfur pipeline is 10 mm. After cleaning and during inspection MAGICROT’s specialists noted the average corrosion along the entire length of liquid sulfur pipeline - 34% (3.4 mm). Was made a strong recommendation to the Customer to make the substitution of individual sections of the liquid sulfur pipeline.
   Работы по гидроструйной очистке и вихретоковой диагностике серопроводов на установке КлаусаView of girth weld

Below are the data obtained by specialists of CJSC "MAGICROT" of inspection the external surface to identify pitting of liquid sulfur pipeline.

liquid sulfur pipelines inspection

Diagnostic module

liquid sulfur pipelines inspection


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